Imran Ahmad Khan MP​

Chair of the APPG for Foreign Affairs

Imran Ahmad Khan was elected Member of Parliament for Wakefield at the 2019 General Election. Imran was born in Wakefield and attended Silcoates School, before going to university at the Pushkin Institute in Russia to study the Russian language. He graduated from King’s College in London with a bachelor’s degree in War Studies.  

Before entering Parliament, Imran led a career in counter-terrorism, policy, and communications. In the early 1990s, Imran served as Special Advisor to President Stanislav S. Shushkevich of Belarus. 

Imran founded the Transnational Crisis Project, which sought to provide solutions to critical issues by providing practical applications at a grassroots level. From 2008 to 2017 Imran served as its President and Executive Director, where he oversaw management decisions, organisational development, strategic direction, communications, and outreach. Imran’s time at the Transnational Crisis Project included assisting Ambassador Richard Holbrook in identifying primary Taliban narratives.  

In 2010, Imran founded Xain Research and Communication as a specialist provider of discreet and culturally informed population engagement services to Governments, private sector organisations, and NGOs. Through Xain Research and Communication, Imran oversaw projects in Kenya, Burma, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA, UAE, Jordan, and the UK, helping to identify and utilise cultural opportunities in these nations.  

Imran worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and M&C Saatchi from 2015 to 2018, where he advocated a novel approach to achieve greater political and popular support that might provide solutions to issues affecting the eradication campaign. He and M&C Saatchi were tasked to deliver the project. Imran was responsible for establishing and maintain political and military relationships in an effort to dispel misunderstandings surrounding the polio campaign.  

Imran has also advised the United Nations Support Office of Somalia and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia as well as the Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development.  

For over twenty years, Imran has built a reputation in developing expansive networks to influence behaviour and inform policymaking and delivery. He possesses experience working in sensitive and complex political and conflict environments where he delivered on ambitious objectives. 

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